Divine Fortune Drops € 131,546 To A New Winner


If luck has decided to touch you with its fingertips, it will always do so when you least expect it. And that’s a bit like what happened to this lucky player who was awarded a nice jackpot of 131,546 euros… with a stake of only 4 cents on the Divine Fortune slot machine! A very beautiful story that joins all those that we tell you over the days on our portal, but which however today has its little touch of originality …

Netent Still In The Spotlight

It’s a pretty pretty story that we are going to tell you there, not very different from all those of the big winners that we tell you every day on Roulette.be, but which still has its small share of originality, as you will be able to read it.

Here is the story of a happy gamer who tried her hand at NetEnt’s Divine Fortune online slot by playing from her smartphone. Great good for him since it allowed him to win the incredible and colossal sum of 131,546 euros. But the funniest and most confusing part of it all is that she won it after betting a tiny amount of just 4 cents and being influenced by a pet.

Definitely, the developer of online casino games NetEnt has the wind in its sails this week, since we were still talking to you about this firm Monday morning on our portal with this merger story with the Veikkaus casino .

€ 131,546 Thanks To… A Dog

But if this story is rather original and atypical, as we explained it to you a little above, it is simply because a surprise guest has entered the equation. Indeed, if some players sometimes succeed in hitting the jackpot after hours and hours of play, there are some who just need a boost of luck and the presence of a fetish animal. . And it is Ida’s brand new dog, this happy Swedish player, who will play the role of matchmaker between her mistress and the jackpot. The latter will indeed push her to play on the slot machine, just a few moments which will then be enough for her to win the jackpot of 131,546 euros. We hope that the young lady will offer a beautiful necklace and a brand new basket to her companion with this sum, just to thank him.

She will indeed explain to the operator of the casino where she had just played that it is their new dog who most often pushes her to play. This was preventing him from sleeping when it was already very late in the evening. This then prompted her to stay a little more awake than usual in her bed and therefore to watch television by obligation, while not forgetting to launch a few spins of Divine Fortune on her Smartphone via her online casino site. usual.

And this is where luck comes in, since she immediately found herself in the bonus part of the game. She will be quick to click to start the round right away and the result will then be surprising and just incredible! Even she, when she saw the value of her prize, found it hard to believe her eyes. She then took a few seconds before really realizing what the game was telling her: she had just won 131,546 euros.

Myths Fly Away …

It must be said that the news is so impressive that even her boyfriend could not believe it when she broke the news to him, almost crying with joy, when she returned from work. He will remain so perplexed that he will then ask her for proof of this good news, which she then does by sending him a screenshot of the win on her smartphone.

But this victory, beyond making a few happy in a family, is also proof that certain jackpots, like the ones that we invite you to discover every day on the online casinos and gambling sites that we make you discover on our portal, can be accessed by breaking two main myths. The first is quite simply the one who tries to convince that “to win big, you have to bet big”.

This story joins many others that you can find on our blog, which prove that in reality, you can win with a minimum bet. Everyone is on the same level when it comes to online slots games, regardless of their budget or company name. But we must admit that in this specific case, if Divine Fortune has already given much more than this amount in the past, it remains however unprecedented to see her drop such a big win from such a small bet.

Would the new household dog have played the lucky charms in this pretty story?

The second myth that this rather atypical story shatters is that of believing “that you cannot win a jackpot from your smartphone”. This happy winner is still proof of this today, since she won these thousands of euros via her phone. Ida has therefore won a jackpot to date which reassures all those who still hesitate to play from their smartphone. A misconception by many people who sometimes wrongly establish a fictitious correlation between the size of the winnings that can be won and the size of the device they are playing on.

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